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Graphics needed for Congestion 1024

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Congestion 1024 is very near completion and needs 3 new graphics, a TITLEPIC, an INTERPIC and a BOSSBACK.
NMN has already created this CREDITPIC graphic:

If you want to make a graphic just design it and post it up on this thread. If it is accepted into the final wad you will obviously get credit in the txt file.

For more information on the project visit this wiki entry: http://doom.wikicities.com/wiki/Congestion_1024

Be sure to be VERY creative in your graphics if you are contributing. Try to get them to relate to the 1024x1024 idea too. Make sure they are in the 320x200 format and use the doom palette.


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The arrows extend too far in that image. Nice idea though.. Just fix that and I'll be happy and shut up. :p

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are you still doing the pictures thing because I have been very lazy about sending that to you :P

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Many people don't have photos of themselves or can't draw one so it's too difficult to make that graphic properly. I also need you to work on map30 soon, how should I get in contact with you?

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