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Italian Cuisine

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Ismaele writes in that he's updated his Outpost of Doom with the release of the first episode of his "Italian DooM" project, The Lost Colony, created by the "Italian Team" of Ismaele, Toranaga, and BuzzBomber. The partial conversion is for ZDoom.

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I've been playing this over the weekend. This is good stuff! I like the fact that scripting is used minimally but effectively.

The generator on map 3 caused some problems, though. In Zdoom 2.0.63 it refuses to work at all, and in 2.0.94 you can fix it, but after that nothing happens when you press the switch. Is this a bug or an outdated-version-of-Zdoom problem?

Keep up the very funky work, guys!

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I read about the problem with the "power generator" of the 3rd level also on ZDoom forums: I think it is a problem with ZDoom versions! :P I tested all the .WAD with ZDoom 2.0.96 and everything worked fine: so I suggest that you play it with that version or with higher ones!

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