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Boston.......NEW YORK...........Red Sox.........YANKEES........Pick your sides!!!!!
Anyone that follows baseball knows what this thread's all about..

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I'd like to see the sox win, like them better than the yanks.
I'm an SF fan, but I'm not a big fan of Bonds.
Bring back Big Kat and Shinjo.
Kent is a traitor... LA Sucks!

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Well I'm from Mass so I'd have to pick ..
hey, wait a minute, I don't give a crap about baseball. I hope both teams lose after a giant meteorite falls on the stadium. The end.

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I'm a met fan, so both yanks and sox can suck it. after the mets I go for the phillies, so I hope they top houston in the wild card.

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Fuck the Yankees and fuck the Red Sox.

The American League bracket for the postseason is incredibly boring this year. You've got the Red Sox and Yankees, which if it hadn't been harped on enough, is made even worse for me because I'm living in Boston now. Seriously, after last year, anything that happens this year is just gonna be anti-climactic. I can totally see everyone getting really built up for a Yankees/Red Sox ALCS and then have one of the teams sweep or something.

Then you've got the White Sox, who aren't even any good, they just got really hot for like two months earlier this year and only missed the most monumental collapse of all time because Cleveland shit the bed in the last week of the season. So that pretty much leaves Anaheim, which isn't all that exciting, plus it just won the World Series three years ago anyway.

All of this means that the World Series winner has to come out of the National League. The only problem is it can't be St. Louis, because Tony La Russa is a massive douche and I fucking hate the Cardinals because of him. Personally, I'm rooting for San Diego, just cause they're probably the biggest underdog ever to make the postseason, in part because they're the worst team record-wise to ever make the postseason.

So yeah, I want a San Diego/Houston NLCS, an Anaheim/Boston ALCS, and San Diego to beat whoever in the World Series.

Of course, the upside to Boston winning another World Series is that I get to partake in massive rioting.

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Kid Airbag said:

Personally, I'm rooting for San Diego, just cause they're probably the biggest underdog ever to make the postseason

That, or the nl west just plain sucks. SD played sub-500 ball for 95% of the season and philly, ny, washington, florida, cleveland, oakland and milwaukee have to go home.

My opinion? Get rid of this bs 3 divisions per league and have the playoff bracket setup like the nfl. Have the two division leaders per league get a first round bye and the 4 wildcards (from either division) play best 3 out of 5 in the first round like it is. That way those teams wouldn't be punished for having a great season simply because of the division they play in.

Oh and more interleague games would be :)

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