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Can I get away with Medium?

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At home on my desktop Doom3 runs fine with a few things turned on, that's a p4 2.6, 1gb ddr333 ram, msi/ati 9600tx 128mb.

I just installed the game for the first time on my laptop at uni. Auto scan recommended low, but I wasn't thrilled by that so what I'm trying for is medium at 1024x with everything but specular off.

My specs are;

Mobile p4 3.2ht 133mhz FSB
447mb DDR166 ram (447mb due to shared graphics)
ATI Mobility Radeon 9100 IGP with 64mb RAM allocated as above.
7200 hd w/ plenty free space.

Well, it's crawling to an almost standstill every 45 secs or so for about 10 secs. It may be due to heat (this thing turns into a furnace when at 100%) but I suspect it's more likely to be memory. There isn't much to go round, I know the gfx probably isn't being allocated enough but I'm touchy about trying to alocate it 128mb because when I last ran Doom3 500mb was requested in total at peak and we're already into swap file territory at that stage.

Any magic ideas or should I basically take my medicine and run it on low at lower res?

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Air let me rephrase :P

"Gentlemen, we're giving you an assignment and the one thing we don't want to hear is that it's impossible!"
Commander William Riker, Starship Enterprise.

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