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Need help with fragglescript.

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I have fragglescript on my computer and when I run the exe. it doesn't even run. The screen pops upfor a mill. second and dissapears. What do I need to do to make this program work? Did I not install it properly or is my computer just retarded?

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Use Doombuilder to include your fragglescript. It's much easier for people who aren't familiar with the old days of DOS.

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you don't.

You load the map in Doombuilder, and then select to edit in Doom Legacy mode, then when you got the map loaded in the editor you select the menu option "Sripts" and anything you write in there, will automatically be in the map after that.

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"101.wad" like sample.

Put the "script.fs" , "101.wad" and add_fs.exe in same folder.
Creat 1 "arquivo".bat lake this..

add_fs.exe 101.wad script.fs.

Now exec the .bat

...and over!

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