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EE 3.33.02 Now Available

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Straight from the text file:

EDF 1.5

  • New TerrainTypes system. TerrainTypes now absorbed under the umbrella of EDF. New features include low mass splashes, terrain damage, particle interaction, and complete customization capabilities. Old binary TERTYPES lump is still supported within new system. Terrain definitions can be placed both within the root EDF and within ETERRAIN lump(s). Existing terrain objects standardized for editor use.
  • ifenabled function improved to operate on an arbitrary number of parameters. Added ifenabledany, ifdisabled, ifdisabledany, ifgametype, and ifngametype functions for more flexible conditional parsing of definitions.
  • Sounds may now provide custom distance attenuation parameters.
  • Added support for independently parsed EDF lump chains, including the ESTRINGS and ETERRAIN lumps.
  • String values now supported for thingtype "mod" field.
  • Default fallback loading fixed.
  • Many error messages further improved.
3D Object Clipping Enhancement

All objects in DOOM can now be toggled to use a height corrected for 3D clipping through the comp_theights option. Decorative objects bearing the 3DDECORATION flag will always clip missiles using their original height in order to perfectly preserve the playability of old maps even when comp_theights is on.

Particle System Enhancements
  • Parameterized drip object (#5007) can create particle drips of any size and color at any frequency with optional terrain interaction. See the documentation for ExtraData and EDF for full information.
  • New FLIESONDEATH effect almost perfectly emulates Quake 2's corpse flies. Old FLIES effect is persistent, and now provides an appropriate sound effect.
  • Some Small scripting interaction added; much more to come.
  • Particles with fall-to-ground style will now stop at deep water floors defined by linedef 242.

Compatibility and Efficiency
  • Crusher desync issue from 3.33.01 repaired; crushers now descend to floor again.
  • "Are you sure?" message restored to Nightmare skill selection through menu.
  • More memory usage improvements.
  • Quad column buffer code further streamlined for drastically fewer calls on the most critical line of execution.

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Sweet! Perfect timing too, this morning's the last day my PC has internet for a time to come.

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Quasar said:

Crusher desync issue from 3.33.01 repaired; crushers now descend to floor again.

Excellent! I'll amend that sticky in the Demos forum immediately.

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