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Weapon misalignment

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Ever since I've been able to play Doom/Doom2 at high resolutions, I've noticed that the weapon sprites don't seem to line up properly with the projectiles. The shots look to be off to the left a bit. This is especially noticeable when I use a crosshair in the Doomsday program. Is there a simple way to fix this, or would it involve some heavy editing and coding skills?

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Well, you're familiar with wad editors, right? If not, grab XWE or Wintex, or DEEPsea, or whatever, and expirement. Maybe there's some turorials around.

If you have a wad editor, simply copy the Doom(2) weapon sprites into a new wad and change the alignment. DO NOT modify your original IWAD.

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Relica Religia said:

Tampering with IWADs is usually not a good idea, no.

Hmmm, I never really understand the paranoia about tampering with IWADs. I mean, I have about 3 or 4 copies of the original CDs in various guises. No matter how much I mess with an IWAD on my HD, the original install disks are untouched. If I screw up, it takes a few seconds to undo my mistakes. (Mind you, I usually copy the IWAD before making any alterations and then just use the copy as my backup.)

So yeah, if you're going to mess with an IWAD, just make sure it's not your only copy.

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