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Flies and sounds look great!
Really appreciate you making them avialable in EDF.
I am only having one problem....i dont want the flies and corpse staying in the game forever.
So i used this dehacked file to get rid of the troopers body:

frame 193
duration = 400
next frame = 957

frame 957
duration = 300
next frame = 0

For some reason the flies will not appear when i use this file.
Can you tell me what i am doing wrong?

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Monsters must end up in a frame with -1 tics in order to use the FLIESONDEATH effect.

In order to get the effect you are looking for, give the monster the REMOVEDEAD Bits2 flag, and the game will randomly remove it from the game after it has been dead for around the same amount of time in which it would respawn on nightmare mode :)

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Thanks...that works nicely!
Too bad that i cant keep the flies while the body decays down to a smaller pile of guts.
The particle effects you have created add allot of realism and eye candy to my collection of doom wads.
Eternity is a great port...please keep up the good work!

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