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New direction for the wad [sky texture question]

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Well, the wad has come to a block. After I finshed the first few maps, I thought that I may change something. The wad seemed to be retarded, and I wanted to change it. Before I started the project I wonderd if it were even possible to make all hell levels. But at the beginning I saw that it was to hard to find a way to do this. Recently I have thought that I should go back to that idea. So, my question is this, is it possible to have all of the maps have some type of sky texture from hell levels? When you enter the lumpname this determines the sky texture, so is there some way that I can make all of the sky textures hell related?

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You want XWE

You'll need to replace the sky images with your new hell sky images. To do this you need hell sky images with the names of the original skies in your pWAD.

The skies are called rsky1, rsky2 and rsky3. So make a hell sky (256x128 pixels) and save it as sky1.bmp (be sure to use the doom pallette). Now use XWE to load this image in your pWAD (in XWE; entry->load)

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