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The Ultimate Chex Quest Phase II beta 3

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T.U.C.Q. is for Legacy, but I am posting about it here, because it is a Chex Quest project, and therefore related to the one being worked on by the team, and because Quasar has a passing interest in it.


A while back I voiced concernes about how Chex Quest III: The Flem Wars could be mistaken for the exisiting Chex Quest 3.

Well, this actually happened the other day when I was talking to a couple of guys in a chat room about how bad Chex Quest 3 was. Somebody else in the chat room thought we were actually talking about The Flem Wars.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to refer to the project informally as just "The Flem Wars" in order to prevent confusion with Chex Quest 3 (the lousy rip off wad).

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