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T.U.C.Q. Phase II beta 3

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Only six days after the release of DeiMWolf 0.9.0, comes the release of The Ultimate Chex Quest Phase II beta 3.


The new version contains more eye candy, as one would expect, but also has an improvement in game play with the implimentation of difficulty levels.

The original Chex Quest and Chex Quest 2 did not implement skill levels. The maps were always the same, no matter what skill level was chosen. Rather than implementating skill levels by adding more monsters on higher skills, I have taken a more novel approach, by creating tougher versions of the exisiting flemoids, and substituting them for the standard versions as the skill level increases, amking them faster, and giving them more hit points. As a result, every skill level has the flemoids in the same places and numbers, but has versions that are harder to kill as the skill level increases. The amount of health and ammo, which was generously given in the original versions, dwindles somewhat on the higher skills, giving the player a little more of a challenge.

Drop by doomlegends.com and check out the new version.

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Actually our projects are complementary, not rival. TUCQ is an update of the original Chex Quest games, whereas CQIII is an entirely new concept based in the same universe :)

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I screwed around with this yesterday. I know this is a beta, but what's with all the "CHANGE ME!" textures? Do you intend to make new textures to replace those later on?

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When Digital Café made Chex Quest back in 1996, they reused the DooM texture names completely randomly, which would make it difficult for modders to work on it.

To fix this, I Cloned the textures with new, more logical names, and put "CHANGE ME!" on top of the old textures to remind me to ... um ... change them. Most of the levels have had the textures all changed. E2M2 has not had any of the textures changed, because I intend to replace it with another level I am currently working on. That is why "CHANGE ME!" appears so much in E2M2.

Make sense?

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