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Naked Snake

The skulltag chronicals II

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Chubbs and Stick were fighting Mars and Phobos, and Chubbs was lost, away from Stick.
"Where in the blue fuck are you?" Chubbs asked into the mic, set to Stick's frequency.
"Find me you fat sloth!" Stick replied. Stick and Chubbs were brothers but they had a falling out. It was over a girl, but thats a different story, one that need not to be told again. Chubb's face was red with anger. He hated being fat but couldnt help it. He entered the SkullTag tourny to lose weight but was failing. He shouldered the plasma rifle he had found and crept down a dim, smelly hallway. He heard the dripping of water from pipes and the scurrying of little vermin beneath his feet. He saw something move in the shadows. He was about to fire, but saw that it was just his eye sight.
"Shit" Chubbs muttered aloud.
"You're a walking pile of it" a voice said from behind. He reconised it as Stick.
"Fuck you asshole" Chubbs said, angrily.
"Lick my *BOOM" Stick was speaking but was interupted by a barrage of rockets. One struck his back and he fell to the ground, struggling to get up. His body was wracked with pain, and his body was covered in blood. Chubbs opened fire with his plasma gun, and it struck whoever was shooting, because Chubbs heard a "ung" and the shooting stopped. He picked Stick up into a firemans carry and ran with him down the hall. "Come on buddy, we can do it" Chubbs was saying, trying to reassure Stick they were gonna win. In Chubbs mind he knew that was just wishful thinking. He saw Phobos step in front of them. A rocket blasted and Chubbs acted quickly. He threw Stick at the rocket, blowing him to guts, then opened fire with his plasma gun.
"FUCK! STICK!" Chubbs yelled, realizing what he had just done. Phobos fell with a scream and a splat. Chubbs sat down and cried...this is the only arena where you dont respawn...he just killed his brother. Chubbs pulled his pistol out and put it to his temple. "See ya soon Stick..." *BOOM*

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