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Demonic Lair[mapping in progress]

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This is my first big project, It's called Demonic Lair. It will feature GZDoom effects such as the new high-res lump, new dynamic lights, and much more. There are 7 new decorate monsters, and 2 new decorate weapons, soon to be more, which are going to be made by Marty Razor Kirra. Bouncy is also devoloping some decorate monsters, I've got some screenshots already, of map01.

The Starting Room:

Marine Jail:

post your thoughts about this here.

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The architecture isn't particularly interesting (those screens probably aren't representational) but I like what's been done with the shotgun guys.

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@GoatLord: I'll add some detail in later, right now I just have to focus on mapping and getting everything to work properly

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