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Logan MTM


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I knows do it!
It you read the thing!
Something happens!
Learning Stops.
Typing begins!
The brackets! OH, the brackets!
Story begins.
It ends too.

script 2
            //check to see if thing numbers 10, 11, and 12 are dead
	      if((objdead(10)) && (objdead(11)) && (objdead(12)))
                  //open door tag 3 when all of above things are dead

//Haven't used fragglescript in a LONG time. Not sure if it works.

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Ahh, I used to play the Doom shareware many times in my youth. You played a map in Doom episode 1 and picked up a key.
OR you played a wad made for ZDoom with ACS Scripting.
OR you played a Legacy/SMMU wad with Fragglescript.

EDIT: Oh, I didn't get what he meant. I think you can find a tutorial if you use google.com and search for: Fragglescript tutorial info

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