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how small can you make a monster?

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I thought about making a small enemy as discussed in this thread. as you see where the discussion leads I have to ask how a small enemy would work. if the demon is right on your position and its below your view line can you still hit him without using source port look features? I'd put the enemy in zdoom using decorate, but if I wanted could I do it in vanilla with dehacked or something?

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Well, the Boss Brain has a very small height (16) and autoaim works fine on that (according to the standard principle "if you can see it, you can shoot it").

I've just experimented with giving a baron a height of 1 with dehacked. Autoaim works, though the baron's small height meant that it took a while to kill it with the SSG, presumably because many of the hitscan traces miss the target. Also, a BFG shot at point-blank range isn't a guaranteed 1-shot kill.

BTW, note that the size of the graphics and the monster's "height" so far as the engine is concerned are two separate things. (Sorry if I'm stating the blatantly obvious here...)

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