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TOTAL CHAOS - (hopefuly) one of the scariest mods around - Beta advaible

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Another pic


A rare desese has been discovered and you have been infected with it. In the last 5 years, reports of people having 'interactive' nightmares have been heard. Researchers have tried to find a reason for this nightmarish mental desese but have come up with nothing.

The desese causes people to start having nightmares in there sleep. When they shut there eyes, they are brought into a world created by there mind, a nightmare world. If you die in this world, you die in the real world. You have fallen asleep and it is up to you to get out of your nightmare.


Heres a BETA of the mod, its a 1 leveled demo beta (untill the mod gets complete). It's for DOOM Legacy (best ran in OpenGL), just a one thing you need to do.
-Please turn off auto-run. It ruins the gameplay of the mod and the level is too cramped to run anywhere. In the full thing I will disable the running somehow ;) adds to the atnosphere...

Anyway, heres the beta.
'Watch your 'Heads' ;)'

Direct Link URL: http://home.ripway.com/2005-1/236539/tcbeta.zip
Alternate URL: http://host.picturewizard.com/2005-1/236539/tcbeta.zip


Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting
Also thanks to Ripway for hosting!

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Looks like he's using lots of gamma, or carrying a powerup of some sort.

Edit: He's using the OpenGL fog effect.

Anyway, it's really not bad. Personally I would have polished it a lot more before I would release anything.

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