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help with deadmatch on finaldoom psx

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Hello I am French (I translate with logicielde translation)

Veils I would like to play indeed in deadmatch on finaldoom psx with codes I succeeded with the action replay but only one players out of the two have all arm pouver to help me to you has find a solution or then same of the programming or patch has apply on final doom psx I thank you for advance to help me svp I adore this games

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I assume both PSX consoles have action replay, right?

I've never tried to cheat on a link up game using AR, so I can't say if it would even work, though I doubt it would.

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yes I have the 2 action replay original and final original doom in 2 and at the time of the game in links only one player has the codes and the second player no!!but on the other hand I don't understand why that works in normal fashion (single player) thank you when same has+

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