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for the gear heads

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attention car people, have a question for you. MY car has a break problem the front passenger side brakes are constantly pulsing and grabbing the rotor. if not stopped i will burn up another set of pads and another rotor. last time i replaced the entire brake system in that area. the calipler, brake pads, pins, rotor and line. however it still does it. i belive this is a problem with the ABS system.

I don't know much about cars so i want to know if anyone has any ideas.

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It sounds like a slave cyclinder or equivalent maybe isn't fully releasing the caliper, check the hydraulics, eg brake fluid pipes etc. for leaks and otherwise.

I don't know too much about brakes I'm afraid because that's always been one area I've entrusted to mechanics. It just ain't worth taking chances with brakes.

ABS is even more funky, you definitely shouldn't be messing with that yourself unless you're qualified.

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My ABS is starting to engauge even at the slightest touch. Erk.

I'm with Pritch, in fact. On my 77 hearse, the caliper would lock up.. reducing my pads to nothing in a few months time (a 5,500lb car needs a lot of stopping power, especially at high speeds ;) Brake work usually isn't very costly unless it's a Benz you're driving.

BTW, if you change the calipers on one side, best off doing the opposite side at the same time.. have fun bleeding brakes.

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