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Can I add mirrors in Doom Builder?

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And, if so, how is it done? I've noticed that the examples I've looked all show gibberish in DB, so I'm guessing that the mirror effect is alien to it...

Am I right? Or am I right?

If not, can anybody suggest an editor to make mirrors?


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Not sure what examples you looked at, but AFAIK Doom Builder can make mirrors just fine. It doesnt really matter what editor you use, as long as you make sure your mirror meets the requirements. See the ZDoom documentation on mirrors. It has an example too.

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I tried the link and using zdoom.wad but all I got was a room lined with unknown textures...

...and the usual crash when a texture fails.

Bob The Dog

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It doesn't seem to matter if I open the mirror.wad in Doom or ZDoom(Hexen Format) I get an error saying that it can't find PLAYPAL, Texture1 or Texture 2.

Others have suggested typing Line_Mirror in the Linedef category...
but that made me more confused than ever.

Some say select Action 182, but there isn't one. It comes up with unknown action :-(

Doom Builder works OK in all other respects.

Bob the Dog

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