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How to make 3d floors?

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When I play wads like Scythe I wonder how they make those bridge that you can walk under. I haven't found out if you can do it with doom builder, is there a program that you need to make these 3d floor and bridges. If there is, can you show me where to get it to so I can add these to the wad.

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Quite complicated. I never liked these tutorials, anyone reading tutorials won't understand what a "self-referencing sector" is, nor a "dummy sector."

I don't remember much of scythe but I'm guessing the fx8 one is the one you want, with the single 3d bridge. Or if you're making a zdoom wad, there is a somewhat simpler way to do it, but then the wad only works in zdoom.exe.

On a side note, one of my favorite maps of all time, map13 of requiem, has all 3 of these editing tricks, so play around on that level if you need more encouragement.

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