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Megawad update(Scripting job.)

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I know that a lot of people are probably mad about all of my retarded questions and statements, but I thought that you should know that the first level of the reformed megawad has been completed. I also would like to post that there is a job open for anybody competant with scripts to help me with the scripting of the levels, but I seriously doubt that anybody will help me out with this. If you are intrusted email me at shotgunmascre2@yahoo.com or just post a reply that you are intrusted for the job. Thanks.

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If you can, put some screenshots up. If there is one thing i've learned from all this forum lurking, it's that people take a lot more interest in something when they see the work put into it.

Hey, that's actually just common sense.

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Heh, I *might* help you out depending if you can show me what you're doing and if it's a 5 minute job. Most of the time, people ask for such simple stuff to be scripted, I don't even waste my time with the project. I'm the guy making the RPG engine inside doom, if you read down a few posts, you'll see the one about that. But anyway, yeah, if you can show me what you're doing I *MIGHT* be able to help you out depending on what it is.

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