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I cant seem to upgrade my doom 2 to v 1.9

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I just got a new computer for college and wanted to continue my doom 2 level making at school. I brought my DOOM 2 cd with me and installed doom 2 (v 1.666, but it says 1.7 when I run the EXE). I wanted to upgrade it to v. 1.9 but none of the update patches work. I downloaded everyone one of them that upgrades 1.666-1.7 or 1.7a and then to 1.9 but every time I double click and run the "Patch.exe" it will say "file Patch.rtp is missing" when its clearly right in the folder. Does anyone know how to fix this or can someone just send me a version of the Doom 1.9 wad?

I've upgrade the wad on my old computer before, so i dont know what it isnt working for the new one. And I have no what the README file means to type in "patch <enter> in the command line". Where is the command line? DO they mean "run" in the start menu or something else?

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You could just do what I do and copy all of my DooM stuff onto a CD, then copy it off the CD onto any computer I want to map/play on.

If your WAD is small, then you can just copy your work onto a floppy disk and use that to ferry updates from computer to computer. You can also e-mail it to yourself.

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If your wad is legit the patches should work, but if it's the pirated v1.666 they will not.

The command line is the DOS prompt, and yes, Run on the Start Menu will do, though you have to type the full path, such as:


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Alright, I've figured out how to do it. There is some problems with the update zip files at doomworld. The doom2b.zip didnt have the PATCH.RTP file in it. So I just used the RTP file from one of the other 1.7-1.7a zip files to replace it and it worked. Thanks for the help anyway though, I got my DOOM 2 to v. 1.9 (after an hour or scrambling through various patches).

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