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sprite frames

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I noticed when going through the sprites in the doom2 iwad that the BoH has walking frames for all eight directions while the HK has walking frames for only five directions. this is also true for the zombies and many of the other monsters.

now I'm making a battle-damaged doom marine zombie without a helmet and I made his walking frames asymetrical (the right half of his face is marred, the right shoulder guard has a gouge in it, and the left shoulder guard is missing). I know it would be extra work, but can I give him all eight frames? I'm not sure how the letter number combos after the four letter name work, so how should I number them?

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Yes, the engine can read them either way, for 8 frames make sure you simply include a different graphic lump per angle; SPRTx1 to SPRTx8 for each frame.

One could even give decorations 5 or 8 view angles, or more than one angle for death frames. You'll also note that the Nazis have only a frontal firing view, which likewise isn't a hardcoded limitation but a lump dependent thing.

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thanks. I just gotta figure out how to make the zombie look like he's holding the rifle the opposite way now. heres what the marine and zombie look like btw

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