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Err These Are REALLY crap. But what the hell.

I made monsters and what they would look like if Doom was a cartoon.


The Spider Mastermind,


Cacodemon, (This was the easiest)


Pain Elementul,


The Icon Of Sin,


Fattie!!! Lol. Mancuboes.

I'll post more later. If you want to use the program I did here is the link: http://artpad.art.com/artpad/painter/

EDIT: From Now on You are ALSO allowed to post Heretic and Hexen Pictures too.

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Vader just had to come in here and upstage us all, didn't you? :D

EDIT: I could spend a bunch of time at this place, maybe then I'll be as good as Vader :P

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Caco-Puff said:

I'll get to work making those all into sprites.


And make a shopping mall wad where they all go shopping like in the pic

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All I gets when I click on the links is a message about me needing the newest version of macromedia flash (and I use public computers to go online, so I can't do anything about it). :(

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Lucky bums with there stupid Wonderful talents.

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Hey I'm as good as I am at art because I love it so much and therefore practice constantly, so keep practicin' man! and study others, artpad is really good for that cause you can see how a piece of art develops, copying isn't always bad, it's how a lot of people learn, I need to copy coopersville's imp and see if I can't improve my anatomy.

Oh and Coopersville, you can finish your imp if you like, just click the "add to this painting" option if you want to add those spikes.

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First of all, why isn't this topic burning in the fiery flames of Post Hell? The author of this topic has been banned, so why keep his post alive? Second of all, it's obvious that he put NO effort into this art whatsoever. 60% of it isn't even his. It was made using that crappy art pad site.

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Read here. Big brother is watching; use your head, measure your tongue, for a bleak and lonely place awaits those without executive priviliges who point fingers of presumed authority.

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