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peach freak

Doom Builder Suggestion

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Hello once again. I have a suggestion for Doom Builder. I don't know if it could be implemented or not, but since pretty much most of you here know more of Doom Builder than I do, you could probably give me the scoop of this idea. Anyway, here is my suggestion.

As mentioned in my last topic, I asked if there was a way to kill a monster so it could end the level, or lower a wall/open a door/etc. Could this be added into Doom Builder? Like you could tag a monster to a wall and make it lower once the monster is killed. Or you can select a monster and click an options button. "Exit level when monster is killed" or something like that. You could also tag that to multiple other enemies, so you would have to kill multiple enemies to end the level. So my suggestion is pretty much saying that you should be able to tag monsters onto different stuff in the level or be able to kill them to end a level in Doom Builder.

So is this possible or is it a different kind of coding or something? This would be an awesome thing to have in Doom Builder and it can make map editing more fun. Another thing this idea could do is for when people want to make their own map 30s in their WAD files, it can make it different getting to the final boss and actually being able to design a map 30.

Thank you for viewing this. If possible, I hope this idea can be taken into consideration.

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Alright, thanks for the info, so now I know. So when I get to map 30, it seems that I have to stick with Doom II's map 30, unless I make a level that you have to start and hit an exit switch or something for map 30, which seems pretty pointless.

I'll probably just stick with Doom II's map 30 when I get there, as it was my only concern for this. Thanks for the info again.

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