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hey uhhh anyone want to play captain mancubus 2?

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Yeah uhhhh half done, who wants to give it a quick play test? I'll take a few people. Just post and say you want it, then I'll pm you with a link (you can give it to all of your friends as if you have any), then post here about what you thought of every level.

Skip map01, pistol start map02 and map03, IDFA map04, pistol start map05. Map01 is nothing, map02 is done but not very good, map03 is done and awesome, map04 is just started and awesome, map05 is just started and ridiculously awesome. So just tell me about it right here.

Oh and if you could, post 3 screenshots, I'd like to update the wip but don't want to take my own screenshots out of laziness.

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link gone, times up! pm sent to above (and 1 below) posters if they missed it.

just download it here. I'm takin it down in an hour or so, so whoever downloads it til then, have fun.

also: play on ultra-violence on all maps, difficulty isn't done, and use plasma in map04.

edit: oh and it's for zdoom of course.

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There I sent a pm to you too.

And if you all please, rate your computer from 1 to supercomputer, then rate the framerate of this wad from 1 to grove. And if you can think of a sweet name for map05 that'd be great, it's going to be mostly a level of climbing up a mountain, without actually seeing a mountain of any sort, but feeling that you really are climbing one.

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Both map02 and map03 are very boring. Tons of ammo and health, uber linear and not nearly enough monsters. The huge manc fight is really boring as well. The torches are a nice move but you have to skip the ones in the maze if you dont want to tyson the barons and demon.

map04. Wow, 2 huge PEs. Nice effect with the keys though.

map05 looks very nice but there isn't much to do once you kill the monsters.

The music is ok but it doesn't fit Doom.

I seriously hope this wad is in a very unfinished state. Then again if you say map02 and map03 are done then I guess that's how you want them to be.

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Computer rating: fairly normal. Got a constant framrate of of 60 the entire time.

Map 01: Liked what I saw from what I saw in the brief moments I was in there.

Map 02: For a pistol start, it was a bit too easy. The chaingun tore every monster in the early part into mincemeat into a matter of seconds and you never run out of ammo, since most of the enemies are Zombiemen. I'd reccomend you change the chaingun into a shotgun (and the bullets into shells), but change only half of zombiemen into sergeants, so that there's still the possibility of you running out of ammo and/or needing ememies to infight to converse ammo. The plasma gun made the the HK/Lost Soul battle easy. It would've been nicer to give the player the plasma gun right before the Revenant flood instead of letting you wipe the floor with the enemies on the way back with it. In compensation for the removal of the PG and CG,, I reccomend that you put some shotgun shells in the HK arena, to make the trek back a bit easier. I do say keep the berserk pack where it's currently at. To be honest, the only real problem I had was the SMM at the end, and that's only because it caught me off.

Map03: I suppose you're suppost to start the level with the weapons from the previous level(s) or something, because pistol starting this map was way too difficult. There was too little ammo for all of the enemies you had to kill. I would've liked having either the chainsaw or the berserk pack a bit earlier, as by the time you get the damn berserk pack, you've already wasted most of your ammo on things like the fireball shooting candles and the fast Pinky. I actually ran out of ammo on the largass Manc and had to resort to charging it with the Berserk fist with God Mode on. The part with the fireball-shooting red candles was actually worse, as trying to focus on one of them with the PG would get you assraped by the others. I think you should cut some of them in your first encounter with them and get rid of them alltogether in the maze. Going throught that things with those things around nearly every corner wasn't fun at all.

Map04: LOVED this map's idea. I think you should cut down on the mega PE's HP and amount of Lost Soul's it fires. It took me 7 or so BFG shots for me to kill it, and I assume you won't have the BFG during that time, making things ever harder.

Map05: Really can't judge this map, as you can only go up to the imp orgy. I reccomend that you put more ammo in the map. Trying to have a lone Baron of Hell kill a shitload of Imps is pretty annoying. For a name, I recommend "Mountain Imp Rave" or if you feel like overdoing the jumping puzzles, "Xen Jr."

I also want to add that I adore the music. I'd kill for a soundtrack release once you get this mapset finished.

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Nuts, you can kill the huge torches? That's a mistake. Oh and the music is stolen, but who doesn't, I mean really.

Thanks for your time and posts.

I could use one more tester, except this time tell me how sweet this wad is and how much you love it, and how it's the best thing you've ever played, and then at the end rate how much you lied from 1 to OJ.

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just played though your levels

level 1: I know you said skip it but I had to see it. same as capt. manc 1.

level 2: nice title. great read ;) the layout is great and so are the effects. I got killed once because of the exploding wall, but I laguhed because it took me by suprise. it is a bit easy since there is more than enough ammo and health. the fact that the giant chaingunners in the room with the pg and switch can't chase you makes em easy pickins. you can hit them but they can't hit you. the spider mastermind did catch me off guard, but was pretty easy to kill once you know it'll pop up.

level 3: I really like this level until I get to the giant flame spewing red torch maze. the ones leading up to that maze is fine. trying to run that gauntlet is pretty fun, but the ones in the maze are too frustrating. I had to put on god mode to get through. maybe you should replace those with the smaller torches or ones that don't shove hellfire up your ass till it comes out your mouth. the giant manc did take way too much ammo to kill, but I like the way he dies.

level 4: those giant pe's were pretty cool and the keys getting tossed around is a pretty sweet trick. not much else to it, but I assume there will be more forthcoming and can't wait to see what your gonna make from that.

level 5: I like the layout for that starting area. there could be some enemies there though. I wouldn't put much, maybe some shotgun guys and/or pinkies and imps. not a lot though. the rockets and chaingun ammo that were in the cliffs were inaccessible from what I saw. maybe I missed something. it was a kinda a pain in the ass to take on that baron with peanut gallery of imps. more annoying than challenging. would like to see where this one goes as well.

one other thing. the scrolling sky texture looked more like a stone surface than rolling clouds.

sorry I couldn't take any screens. got no place to put them.

keep working on these. I'm willing to test out any revisions. just pm me when you've made changes or email me.

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Ok now for my report.

Map1 : "Starting Area"

I thought this was a nice touch, tub, bed, ect. 4 exits and a mancubus that's your friend.

Map2: "Cliffs"

I thought this was nice as well. But I didn't find a way through. There was alot of imps though.

Map3: "Key Factory"

I know it's unfinished but I liked it.

Map4: "Lava map"

This was a well thought out map with some nice lava effects and a big Mancubus boss that took way too many hits to die. More ammo should be placed around the area especially if he shoots Revenant projectiles. But the shooting torches was abit strange...

Map5: "Ruin"

Exploding walls, big Chaingun guys, and a Spider mastermind at the end. Good level. I beat it really quick though.

Music: The music doesn't match with the area's (not your fault but they sound kinda gayish). you have time of course to change the music. But your the author and that's your choice and decision.

Weapons: The only weapon change I noticed was the rocket launcher. The only weapon that makes you feel like a Mancubus. Which was a nice touch.

Introduction: You should put a title pic and intro music as well. And "Hello Captain" gave me a chuckle. Also "The authors of this wad tried to find a point to this but it was a lost cause" also made me chuckle. lol

Also add music to the main area of the game.

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Ok, some heavy work to do to all levels, but this is going to be something awesome, from 1 to awesome.

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(i'm too lazy to use shift key lolz)

well obviously map01 isnt really complete since it's taken from the first one. duh.

map02 - i know captain mancubus 1 used lame skyboxes but i still think you should use a sky texture or something for the skybox thing instead of a stone texture or whatever it is to represent clouds, but that's not important. those omega chaingunner things are so awesome. this seems like quite an easier linear romp, so it fits for a beginning level. I was just thinking too, "you're a mancubus, why do you fight some mancubuses of your own kind? are they brainwashed, rebels or what. augh crazy no make sense!" or something like that. I can tell that the spider mastermind fight was meant to be quite easy since you've got the barriers in front of you and such, and is meant to intimidate the player that makes them think "wtf spider mastermind this early!!!", but if you think and use the barriers etc. you know what i'm talking about.

anyway, nifty intro level.

map03 - haha, awesome, torches that attack you. that's great. By the way, for the rocket launcher you could always use decorate weapons (with the unofficial build) to make it shoot two fireballs mancubus style. whoa a huge demon, that's really awesome. Might need a bit more health in this map. Need more ammo for the mancubus fight.. The maze bit is also pretty fun.

Well basically, that map is pure awesome.

map04 - this should be pretty nifty, but the massive pain elementals are the most annoying thing in the world :(

map05 - can't say much about it, but it looks nice and should be quite nifty.

heh, this wad should be pretty damn good indeed.

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Yes he is going to revolutionize the Doom community as we know it. He's still typing up the constitution though. Plus there's that whole war against the british to fight. Not to mention Jesus sittin up there in heaven, plotting away at his death.

Sent a wip update earlier today, but wish I hadn't, because the 1st screen looks 6 times cooler now, 12 hours later, and it already looked cool then too.

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