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Oh shit (Quake movie).

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I still can't believe that redmage125 thought it was going to be a direct port from wolf3d to the movie theater. My brain is having a cramp

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redmage125 said:

sorry about that guys. its hard for me to say things right
sometimes. I've never played return to castle wolfenstien.

Well, sorry for being rude.

Wolf 3d had a nice background, it wasn't just about a lot of doors and blasting nazis.


The game was quite simple, i give you that, but use your imagination and wolf 3d was a great game for its time.

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yeah, after I read that wiki I realized it does have a neat little storyline. but the first time I played it it seemed like a game where you just open doors and kill nazis. I should go buy return to castle Wolfenstien.

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I'd recommend it, even though most people might disagree, I actually had a helluva time playing the SP campaign. I also own the x box version, has entirely new episode.

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