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Large demos

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So, I've got the COMPET-N MAX runs of Doom 2 and Plutonia, which are just under 2 and 3 hours in length, respectively. I'd love to see them, but I really, really don't want to sit for 2/3 hours in front of my computer getting nautious. I have PrBoom, so I can use the Pause key, but I'd also like to be able to replay sections/levels without having to start from the beginning. I was hoping for something like a splitting utility (yes, I've seen the LMP format specs and I realize how hard it would be from a coding perspective) or an lmp-to-avi solution. I used lmp2ss; however, the time between screenshots is much to large. I wouldn't mind an f-ing huge (up to 25 GB) avi, if that's what it comes to.

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There's no need to split the files. Andrey's PrBoom (I think it is now called PrBoomPlus (?) ), has the ability to skip any desired time (parameter -skipsec xxx) or to skip a certain number of levels (parameter -warp xx).

I think you can find more in Source Ports forum, the thread "My PrBoom modification"

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Yeah, Audrey's Prboom does nearly everything you need, but it doesn't implement rewind or replay features.

For that you can try VIDD, which is a Prboom plugin that converts demos to a format that can be rewinded. This makes the demos generally about ten times larger. (I can't see a link on that page btw, use this).

Don't know if you'll have much luck running it with the latest Prboom binaries though, it's a pretty old project...

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Donce said:

PrBoomPlus ... has the ability to skip any desired time (parameter -skipsec xxx) or to skip a certain number of levels (parameter -warp xx).

Just to add to that, it also offers the capability to vary the playback speed in-game (1000% is a reasonable speed for fast-forward; default keys to control this are Num+, Num- and Num*), and to skip to the next level of a multi-level demo (Page Down by default).

The sourceforge page is here.

Ryback said:

Audrey's Prboom


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Wow... Thank you guys for all the references, I'll defiintely be sure to check those out!

EDIT: Just got PrBoom Plus, and it's working great. I also like the K/I/S display at the bottom, extremely handy, plus it's got a much smoother frame rate.

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