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Doom comic in Flash (UPDATE: Pg 1 Finished)

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Well, I heard something about how cool the Doom comic would be if done in Flash, then set to the Dramatization for sound.

I have decided to do that, and I've downloaded a trial version of Flash 8, along with all the pages of the Doom Comic, and The Gimp 2.2, for graphics editing.

This isn't going to be a simple slideshow of every frame at the proper sound cue; I'm planning on isolating all the different graphics and juxtaposing them, with movement, for maximum effect.

Note that I'm not sure how much time I'll have to do this, but if I don't finish, I'll post whatever I have. I really want to complete the entire comic in Flash, I just don't know if I can, so don't have too high of expectations.

That said, look for something soon! ;)

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If you mean as a Flash-based movie, yes. I've taken a Multimedia course in school, so I know enough to struggle through Flash. Hopefully I'll be able to pull off something good.

If you mean Doom-related, no. I'm actually just new here at Doomworld; I've been on the Zdoom forums for a couple years now.

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quick update: Title page is finished (rather simple scroller over the background track, but nice), and Page 1 is nearly half-way there. What I've got left is isolating the imp, and completing the "spinal tap" sequence.

Due to the chaotic nature of the comic, most of the backgrounds are going to be vector graphics in flash, with the primaries as overlays. I'll try to keep the spirt of the BG graphics, though, with gradiants and colors. Sorry if this disappoints anyone.

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LOL! No, Haloguns has been on hold for nearly two months now, and it'll be on hold for at least another week, maybe two.

Even then, I'm going to have to wait for Cable internet before I can upload anything for it, so panic not, TDA. You will have your big, beautiful custom guns soon.

I hope to have this comic finished, or at least mostly done before the end of this week. Yeah, I'm just waiting for reality to hit me over the head.


NOTE: If you're wondering, here's a Haloguns BETA (Don't steal!)

And you'll need Grubber's unofficial ZDoom 96x:

And you might find this interesting as well (totally off-topic)

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Eh, if it looks good, I'd so keep it. It's all a matter of proper synch between the comic images and the sound file, so it's not like you have to make anything, just piece it together.

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Well, I've finished the title page and page 1. I figure I'd better post a "teaser" of sorts, so I can see if there's enough community desire that I finish the project. Keep in mind that this is still early, and I'm a Flash newb.


Try downloading and then playing it. I think it'll look better. Oh, and it goes without saying that you'll need the latest flashplayer.

If you guys hate this, I'll drop the project to avoid slandering such an important part of the Doom scene. However, if enough of you love it, I'll probably try to finish.

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Bloodshedder said:

I think you should redo the speech bubbles in vector graphics.

Agreed. And if you need help in this project, I have some good flash tricks up my sleeve, I can see this being much better. I'll help out.

My idea for the cover was to have the doomguy slide in in a blur, and then start shooting at the guy at the bottom of the cover, and those casings? They would start flying out the side of the chaingun while muzzle flashes goes off, and possibly some lighting with it. This would take a ton of work but there is no real deadline, and it would be worth it since a project like this will probably be done only once, ever. I may post a demo soon to show you what I mean, we can work on this together.
Long live the doom comic! If this is made, it can appeal to more than just the doom crowd, but flash crowds as well.

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Nick, I might just have you take over, if you want to. I just found out that I don't have nearly as much time as I thuoght, and to make it worse, these are public computers that get wiped every week or so, and I don't have anywhere to store my source files.

That link above is most likely all that will remain of this project in about a day, sadly. Sorry to get everyone's hopes up. Perhaps I inspired someone to do a better job than me, and perhaps finish.

Sorry again, but RL (Real Life) calls...

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Okay, I'm sort of unofficially taking over until/unless this guy makes a comeback, but I would appreciate help. Right now I'm working on editing the doomguy out of the cover page in photoshop, so he can slide in. So much work for one page... but trust me, you guys will like it.

I'm only going to work on this EXTREMELY casually, so don't expect too many results too soon.

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