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Mindless Rambler

Mp3 music

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I'm using Wintex and I will load an Mp3 into the wad, but when I try to test it it says an error, but does it still work? Should I use .ogg? Am I stuck with midis!? My Midi card sucks! All music sounds like crappy techno!

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ZDoom can handle MP3's and OGGs just as MUS and MIDI files. But you have to be careful with WinTex which likes to think a little too much. Make sure you import the MP3 as raw data and *not* as music. I'm not 100% sure about this but AFAIK you cannot import them directly with a name that begins with d_ .

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Just insert it, replacing the old music name (d_runnin or whatever). You don't have to choose types or anything, XWE does everything automatically.
If it's an mp3/mod then you probably won't be able to preview it though...

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