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shotgun guy picture

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nice. I like the thick black outlines. I also like the fact that you didn't make him look like the actual game sprite and made him look more like a zombie.

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Very Nice indeed. I also like his more zombie look, though I always saw them as more posessed with the agressiveface and red eyes. there's something about him being Knee Deep that makes it feel real doomy. I could imagine corpses in those merky waters.

but a U.A.C logo on the waste barrol wouln't hurt.

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Yeah, I'm having the same problems as niguel and baronofhell. In fact, I only have this problem whenever scientist posts a link...

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Very nice drawing!

udderdude said:

Looks cool. I'd pay money for MS-Paint Doom :P

Actually a lot of stuff I drew with MSPaint for GoldenEye Doom2 :-P

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