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DooM 64 TC Glitch?

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I think this is the appropriate place to discuss this, seeing as there is no section for this game, nor is there a Sticky. That and it's a DooM ][ TC.

Anyway, I'm playing Level 34 - Crisis and I cannot get the Artifact.

Yes, I read the guide, and apparently you need to hit 2 switches after getting the secret teleporter after clearing the level. I hit the first switch, but the door leading to 22 on this map will not open. Period.

Why? Is this a glitch? Normally I'd just clip through it, seeing as it's probably a glitch (need...Artifact...), buuuut...I don't think there even is a No Clipping Mode in the TC. idclip, idspispopd, and noclip do absolutely jack all, in-game and on the console.

So...what do I do?

EDIT: I tried typing in idspispopd anyway, although it paused and unpaused the game, and it actually worked! The thing is though, is that I had to use that cheat in order to get the Artifact...and I ended with only 50% Secrets, although I explored the ENTIRE map VERY carefully. My finish time was over 40 minutes.

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