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Anima Zero

HR2 Map23: Improved UV-Speed

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After watching some recent -fast maxdemos for HR2, I somehow got the urge to try this level again. I thought 3:36 was rather good for this level, being it was only 30 seconds slower than the HR2_tasfinal time for this level.

Well, I managed to shave off some serious seconds with a better starting strategy and more aggressive/reckless/I'm suicidal playing :). I came so close to beating the HR2_tasfinal time. I would have beaten it...if not for the horrible luck I had in the ending area >_<.

Tried to improve it again, and the only other exit I got was 5 secs slower. Argh!

Ah well, I'm happy with the time regardless.

Oh, and the time? 3:09, 27 seconds faster than my initial demo for this level.

And as a little side note: Tomorrow is the 1 year mark when I first started recording demos ^_^.

That being said, sending the demo to Ops now.

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