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JDoom vs. other addons?

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JDoom is absolutely breathtaking; I'm stunned at how a game that I was used to seeing as pixellated and blocky suddenly appears so incredibly realistic. (Plus, the ability to jump makes the game seem so different.)

But, I've heard of a lot of other graphical re-dos, such as ZDoom. How do they all compare? What's different about each of them??

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ZDoom, or rather it's online brainchild Skulltag, is one of the two main multiplayer powers. (Plus CSDoom off by itself) ZDoom's offshoot, ZDaemon, is the other multiplayer power...but there is a strong mutual resentment among the two communities, so basically it's like the Vulcans and Romulans at each others throats, heh.

Anyways, I use jDoom for my single-player stuff, ZDoom for my PWADs I might be wanting to play, and ZDaemon or Skulltag for multiplayer, but to each his or her own.

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