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question 4 edge mappers

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When I make plain vanilla doom levels, the test level command is sitting right up there in the toolbar, but to test a level with EDGE, i have to run it thru the GLBSP and then command EDGE to run it with the msdos prompt which gets irritating after a while. I'm just curious what the EDGE mappers here do to make this easier on them.

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Guest Fanatic

I just use a batch file.

I save my levels in increments, so in case I mess up or a save goes really bad, I can go back to the last save and not lose too much.

So let's say I just saved e1m1_06.wad. I have a batch file that does this, if you pass the level name:

@echo off
glbsp e1m1_%1.wad -o e1m1.wad -packsides
edge32 -file e1m1.wad -warp map01

I would run it like this (assuming the batch file is named e1m1.bat and glbsp.exe is in the system path or doom directory):

build 06

I make a batch file like this for each level I make, and I test a lot, so it's worth it.

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