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bitmap to doom map

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That's completely different and rather boring.

This sounds really cool, how does it work? Different brightness levels on the picture change the brightness on the map? Different textures correspond to different colors on the bmp? Maybe there's floor height difference depending on brightness of each pixel?

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AFAIK (lol, always wanted to use that one...)

The bitmap to wad program takes in a black and white bitmap where the line drawings supposedly correspond to sectors/lines. This would just be a way to get a map roughed out so that further detail work can be done. Those ideas do sound good to have different shades and different colors for different things, textures, heights and light levels. Thats about the extent that I would take it, no sense in trying to recreate a map editor when you can just rough a map then use a map editor for detail work. What would kick ass is to have the map creation inside of a 3D environment, possible but messy.


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