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Dutch Doomer

Lump problem

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Okay got an minor problem here, I removed some unused textures from my wad using XWE.
I wanted to cut down on filesize, but ran into some problems :(
The map itself runs fine while playing and the console doesn't give me any error messages.
But when I load in my map into doombuilder it cannot find the lumps for these textures which I removed earlier.

WARNING: Could not find the required lump for the patch N5BRKA01

There are a bunch more of these errors im getting for the textures I removed.
How can I fix this, or should I ignore this and just upload the map to the archives.
Thanks in advance.

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I'd assume this is because the patches you removed are still used in some textures. It's not really a problem unless you try to use the textures with missing patches, that's why DB gives a WARNING and not an ERROR.

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