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Texture Error Fix For 3D Mode

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RunTextureSelect in mod3DMode

Private Function RunTextureSelect(ByVal CurrentTexture As String, ByVal UseFlats As Boolean) As String
     'On Error GoTo Leave3DMode
     On Error Resume Next
     Dim ErrNumber As Long
     Dim ErrDesc As String
     Dim TextRect As SRECT
     Dim MousePoint As POINT
     Dim LastCursorUpdate As Long
     'Get mouse coords
     GetCursorPos MousePoint
     'Keep coords
     TLastX = MousePoint.x
     TLastY = MousePoint.y
     'Determine area
     With TextRect
          .left = 0
          .top = 0.9
          .right = 0.6
          .bottom = 1
     End With
     'Make the text
     Set r_texdesc = VertexBufferFromText(TEXTURE_DESC, TextRect, ALIGN_RIGHT, ALIGN_MIDDLE, TEXT_C1, TEXT_C2, TEXT_C3, TEXT_C4, TEXT_SIZE)
     r_numtexdescfaces = Len(TEXTURE_DESC) * 4 - 2
     'Initiate defaults
     InitTextureSelect CurrentTexture, UseFlats
     'Current texture
     SelectedName = CurrentTexture
     'We are now selecting a texture/flat
     TextureSelecting = True
     ThingSelecting = False
     'Initiate the textures field
          'Calculate time
          CurrentTime = timeExactTime
          FrameTime = CurrentTime - LastTime
          LastTime = CurrentTime
          'Poll the mouse
          'Mouse events can do anything, also terminating 3d mode
          If Not Running3D Then Exit Do
          'Check for cursor update
          If ((LastCursorUpdate + CURSOR_FLASH_INTERVAL) < CurrentTime) Then
               'Change the cursor
               ShowTextCursor = Not ShowTextCursor
               'Recreate the text buffer
               'Keep the time
               LastCursorUpdate = CurrentTime
          End If
          '===== Start scene
          D3DD.Clear 0, ByVal 0, D3DCLEAR_TARGET Or D3DCLEAR_ZBUFFER, Val(Config("palette")("CLR_BACKGROUND")), 1, 0
          'Apply Matrices
          D3DD.SetTransform D3DTS_PROJECTION, matrixProject
          D3DD.SetTransform D3DTS_VIEW, matrixView
          D3DD.SetTransform D3DTS_WORLD, matrixWorld
          'Beginning settings
          D3DD.SetRenderState D3DRS_ALPHABLENDENABLE, 0
          D3DD.SetRenderState D3DRS_LIGHTING, 0
          D3DD.SetRenderState D3DRS_CULLMODE, D3DCULL_CW
          'Texture filtering as configured
          SetTextureFilters False
          'Render selection background
          'Render texture previews
          'Bilinear texture filtering
          SetTextureFilters True
          'Render texts
          'Texture filtering as configured
          SetTextureFilters False
          'Render the mouse
          '===== End scene
          '===== Present scene
          D3DD.Present ByVal 0, ByVal 0, 0, ByVal 0
          'Process messages
          'Delay frames
          If (DelayVideoFrames) Then Sleep 50 Else Sleep 10
          'Next fame input will be done again
          IgnoreInput = False
     'Continue until 'dialog' closed
     Loop While TextureSelecting And Running3D
     'Check if 3D Mode was not terminated
     If (Running3D = True) Then
          'Check if not quit nicely
          If (TextureSelecting = True) Or (Err.number <> 0) Then
               'Keep error
               ErrNumber = Err.number
               ErrDesc = Err.Description
               'Clean up directx mode
               Running3D = False
               TextureSelecting = False
               'Display error if not device lost error
               If (ErrNumber <> -2005530520) Then MsgBox "Error " & ErrNumber & " in RunTextureSelect: " & ErrDesc, vbCritical
               'Yes, cancel this
               TextureSelectCancelled = True
          End If
          'Check if cancelled
          If TextureSelectCancelled Then
               'Keep original texture
               RunTextureSelect = CurrentTexture
               'Check if we should get complete texture name
               If (Val(Config("autocompletetex")) <> 0) And (TextureSelectedIndex >= 0) Then
                    'Return new texture
                    RunTextureSelect = curitemnames(TextureSelectedIndex)
                    'Use typed name
                    RunTextureSelect = SelectedName
               End If
          End If
          'Clear errors
          'Keep original texture
          RunTextureSelect = CurrentTexture
     End If
     'Clean up arrays
     Erase itemnames()
     Erase useditemnames()
     Erase curitemnames()
     Set collection = Nothing
End Function
The selection might show the textures instead of flats until you click tab but it's much better than losing your hard work.

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