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What map is this?

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That's wicked!
Reminds me of the abandoned Twice Risen project a little bit, and also of the Darkening 2, except for those marine sprites, but still looks captivating...

Somebody please come over here and tell us about that mod!!!


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This dude is going to come back saying "just kidding everyone, this is my wad, now that you all want to play it, here" and I will call him a genius for his exceptional hyping skills.

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Judging by the name of the image (that starts with dm) I think it's a deathmatch map, I hope it supports single player.
Yeah, it's very suspicious, the image is from image shack, not from a DOOM site, still he's hyping skills are brilliant.

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kristus said:

Looking at how that guy is spawning, I'd say it's either Coop or DM.

I'm hoping it's Coop with Singleplayer available as well.
I've grown tired of DM maps lately.

If it really is a DM map, why is he spawning in a corner? He should spawn in the middle of an open space, otherwise someone could greet him with a supershotgun in the face almost every time that he gets respawned.

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I'm positive I've seen the skybox's flat clouds in Crimson_Beta (I'm not sure but I think it was by the same guy who done Omega DM). I'm sure because I used it in "Place of the tomb"-of my courtesy.

I'll also add that a misty city was present in Crim Beta, only a tad different.

And yep, that wad was DM only.

Yep, it's Crimson project allright. Call me master. However, the link at their geoshitties site (old)
Leads to beta-4, and that lacks the map shown on the screenshot...
We'd prolly find the shown map in a latter beta that would be grabbed following the link to their current webpage:
But it's.. dead.
so it looks like we're fucked at the moment. I suggest downloading Crimson B4 from the geoshitties site and doing a comparsion of that and the shot provided by LostMarine. Especially map 04.

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