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peach freak

Various WinTex questions

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I want to add my own music into the WAD I'm making. I know that you can use WinTex, but mine will not work at all. So I am asking any user here if they want to do this for me. If you want to do this for me, give me your email address and I'll send you the WAD. I will also send you the music file I want in my WAD and in the email, I'll tell you which map to put it on.

Thanks to anyone who wants to help.

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Now I got my WinTex to work, but I have a question

How do you I put my music file into the WAD using WinTex? I cannot figure this out at all. I looked everywhere and couldn't find it. Can someone give me a step by step on how to do this or something else? I really want to put different music into this WAD, but I don't know how. Thanks for any help.

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copy the music you wanna replace from doom2 into your new wad under the music tab.

get the "midi to mus" application. doom can only play midi files(converted to .mus files.

drag your midi to the "midi to mus" application. (it should create a mus file.

in wintex, select one of the music file from your new wad.
load entry from file, replace with your new .mus file.

should be about it.

(just google the "midi to mus" application)

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You can instert the music as a demo1 lump and then rename the lump to D_STALKS or whatever, that works with BOOM. or instert it as endoom and then re-name it. That works quite well indeed. That is how I did it with Wintex when I used it.

Good Luck.

This is what you do if you are using a *.mid file & Wintex will not accept it.

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