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Domination Project

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As some of you may have read/heard the Skulltag domination project has been coming along at a rather slow pace with the loss of several people due to school/work/whatever.

I'm looking to bring new life into this project and formulate a proper team to get it done right with extremely good maps of exceptional quality. This game mode is amazingly fun and has never been done before.

If you are interested in helping map for this project please either reply here, send me a pm, and email ( rwilshere@yahoo.com ), or talk to me in Skulltag Online or #skulltag in IRC. If you think your mapping skills "suck" don't sweat it. This project will be going for a while - plenty of time to improve and as long as you don't mind me editing/adding random detail or whatever to your maps you're more than welcome.

Now for some domination screenshot hotness:








*Disclaimer* These screenshots are from a wad in progress and do not represent the final wad. Specifically the room in the doom0106 screenshot has a lot of work left.

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Thx - I've worked really hard on this so you can see why I want to continue the project. Those SS's are all my work. (The old project leader had to stop working on it unfortunately due to school)

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These screens look very nice, are this deathmatch maps?

These are for Domination maps. Some of you may remember the game mode from Unreal Tournament.

The idea is that on each map there are 2-3 Domination points. (Screenshots 101, 104, and 106 have domination points in them) When you walk over the point the light changes to either red or blue depending on your team. (In the screenshots the light is white as nobody controls the points)

Your team gains 1 point every 5 seconds for each domination point that you control. So if team red controls 2 points and team blue controls the third, then team red will get 2 points, and team blue 1 for that "tick".

In traditional UT domination there are no bases and you just spawn randomly but we've decided that having bases for each team was definitely the way to go. The maps are *not* symmetrical but they are *balanced* in terms of how close each base is to various domination points/weapons etc. Screenshot 105 is of the red team base.

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Sorry to disappoint you, but you're five years late.

Point me in the direction of a multilevel Skulltag Domination wad and I'll agree with you. It's been possible yes, but nobody has done it... at least to the best of my knowledge. I'd love to be proven wrong. Domination is great, the more of it the better.

Also, as of late. Skulltag also support Domination w/o the need to actually script it.

Err.... are you sure you're not thinking of CTF here? Unless this is a 97b feature which hasn't been revealed yet...

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Aabra said:

Can you throw me a link to it? I'd love to check em out.

I don't think I ever released it. It were map based on my FBase series, that's what I wrote the scripts for in the link I posted above. I don't have it myself anymore (after all that's five years ago), and I doubt Carn still has them. But they won't work anymore anyway, since there have been huge changes to ST over the past couple years.

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That kinda sucks that they're lost. The only map I could find at all for domination was this (And it's a combination of DM, CTF, and 1 dom map):

Perforated Entrails:


This doesn't work anymore either... I'm not sure how or why but when I load the wad up in skulltag I just get the regular maps when I should be getting the new ones.

Well, regardless of whether it's the first time, last time or whatever there is definitely a distinct *lack* of domination maps in the doom community. You guys should help us rectify this problem. :)

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