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IPX and Cable?

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MacWadMaker said:

Can IPX use a cable modem connection, or does it need a dail tone?
Does anyone still IPX?

*pokes the icky oldness with a imp's spine thingy*

IPX?! Jeez man, what cave you been living in? AFAIK, cable modems can use IPX, but I've never been around it, and you'd be lucky to find anyone especially in the gaming community, even Doom, who still uses it. Just get an internet client such as ZDaemon or something, or get a source port. Hell, even Doom95 supports TCP/IP LAN and (I think) Internet play.

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some people still use IPX...

there are a couple utilities that allows to play IPX games over the net ...
those are called Kahn, Kali and Game Internet Tunneler

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Kenny McCormick said:

what cave you been living in?

Second board member to ask about my cave...
It's dank and smelly, with a fairly new iMac and some OLD software. I am running OS X and have the Legacy Port... was just wondering if anyone uses IPX and the original Doom games to DM, or has everyone moved on to ports of the engine?

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