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Name this song 2

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I have a fragment of a song on tape which I recorded from god-knows-where years ago, and its driving me nuts to know who it is and what it's called.

After seeing the great reponse to the other thread, I took the liberty of sticking my microphone to the speaker and recording a fragment for you guys to try and identify.

The fragment (in mp3 format) can be found here:
or here
or here

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out with this :)

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Goat said:

whole song plz

I think that would defeat the purpose of the thread

Anyway I have no clue what this is

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Goat said:

is that the whole "Fragment"?

Basically, yep.

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Nobody knows then?

Have any of you guys at least heard it before? I'm sure it used to be background music for an advert (some chocolate bar, maybe Flake or Galaxy)...

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