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Custom Midis

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Now, I know there are a few of you out there who dabble with creating your own midis for wads. While I know nothing about composing, a friend of mine offered to create some music for a wad that I am working on.

So, my question is this: can anyone tell me what program they use to write midis or recommend one that is good?

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I use something called JAZZ++, here's some info from the help file:

the JAZZ++ midi sequencer
version 3.2

Andreas Voss <Andreas.Voss@jazzware.com>
Per Sigmond <Per.Sigmond@jazzware.com>

February 2000
For latest updates on software from JazzWare, please look at the JAZZ++ homepage at

You can compose midi files manually, but it takes some patience and practice. I usually only use it for changing instruments or small portions of existing midis.

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I use the Record Producer Deluxe software by Voytra.


The MIDI only version is pretty cheap ($24.95 USD)


The full MIDI and digital audio version isn't much more, $29.95 USD as a download, a little more for the shipped box version:


You could also use Cake Walk (http://www.cakewalk.com/), but I think the Record Producer is much easier to use and learn. I've used it since at least 1996 or 1997, and I've written over 200 songs with it of only MIDI, MIDI with custom sound font banks, and MIDI with digital audio.

I think they all have a trail version that you can try too.

You could also look around for open source or freeware MIDI editors as well, but you'll most likely get what you pay for. :)

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