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ZDoom and WadAuthor

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Typical newb question, I guess, I can't get the Hexen-style "special" box in WadAuthor, even when I use ZDoom.wcf.

Erm, HELP!!

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You need to run the DOOM2.WAD through ZWADCONV and use that as your IWAD. This will enable "hexen" format support. No new BOOM/ZDOOM sector and linedef flags are available though.

Look at either ZETH or DeePsea to see what I'm talking about. Neither of these have to have ZWADCONVerted IWADs, but you will be happier if you do:)

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you need to write in a MSDOS window this command. Or by creating a batch file (.bat)

ZWADCONV.exe doom2.wad doom2hex.wad

well it's like

ZWADCONV.exe doom2.wad the_name_you_want.wad

mine is named zdiwhack.wad.wad
i think it's the name that are in the default zdoom.wcf files

zdiwhack.wad ==> ZDoom IWAD HACK

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