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Pope Guilty

Doom Builder suggestion- file paths

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I have Doom Builder installed on a USB flash drive, and while it works just fine, there's one little thing that's a problem which I believe could be fixed pretty easily.

Every time I move to a different computer that assigns a different drive letter to the flash drive (I'm on a college campus and each lab's computers are different), I have to go into Tools -> Config and change the paths to the Doom2 wad and zDoom. My suggestion is to have Doom Builder accept a . in place of a drive letter, so it'll just use the current drive.

Is this doable?

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I also have some suggestion for filepath remembering.

If I load a prefab, add it into the map and then save the map, it doesn't find the map because it tries to find the map from the prefab folder which I like to keep separate from maps.

Then I need to use Save map as...

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Pope Guilty: while its not currently possible in the interface, it may be possible (no promises through :P) to change these paths in the configuration file (builder.cfg) the way you want them. But be very carefull, because a dot indicates a relative path originating from the "working directory", which may change when you browse in dialogs to open/save your map. A dot does not by definition indicate the drive or path where Doom Builder is located.

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I'll have to give that a try. In the meantime, I've made things much easier on myself by dropping a copy of the Doom2 WAD into my DoomBuilder directory- seriously cuts down on teh clickage.

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