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Bastet Furry

[mapsearch] Some old doom 2 map......

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I search for a map i remembered playing with friends ober 0-modem "in ye olde times".
But i forgoten the name.

It has a rather large ring with many rooms around it and inside it.
The exit was on the north of the map, you needed use an elevator to a dark open area, you could jump when you wanted though.
The exit was a classical doom2 exit "fall into the sky". To the left of the exit room there was a balance-walk that leaded to some goodies and a secret with some Keens.
Betwhen these two rooms was a hallway with a secret passageway that overided the teleporter line that teleported you back blocking the way to some goodies.

Thats not much, i know, but maybe someone saw that what i described recently and could point out some wads.

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