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Doom Depot... your thoughts and suggestions (please read)

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Well, expect a bit of a change in the Doom Depot. Specifically the content. I plan on narrowing the scope to just Doom stuff & toons.

I haven't seen anyone download that much music from the "Other Music" & "FPS Music" pages. Not to mention, they don't really fit in with the Doom theme. I will probably keep up the Doom music, Descent, and Duke PSX music, as they're tough to find anywhere else (plus I did most of them!). Not to worry. I plan on setting up a Game Music FTP in the future (not sure when), with not only ripped music but soundtracks as well. We'll see what happens since I still have limited hard drive space (although I just added another hard drive).

The "Weekly Toons!" section will be much bigger on Friday, including the Japanese Transformers series, Beast Wars and Beast Machines. For those that never heard, I also have the Beast Wars 2 (another Japanese series) up as well. The "Toons List" will change slightly, not having the DVD rips listed (for obvious reasons), since I don't want to get into any trouble. Just episodes.

Also, since I'm having much more toons up every week (probably more will come, whenever I get more full series), the Toons FTP that I had planned might not see the light of day. Unless I get more hard drive space.

The RID FTP will stay for sure. It's insanely popular. We'll see how a possible mirror is going. The guy has lots of space and DSL. Problem is, he has a Dynamic IP. Anyone know a remedy for this?

"Doom Diversity" may change in the coming weeks. Sure, the Doom specific stuff will stay, but some of the stuff from other games (voices, sounds, etc) will probably not. They'll probably be on the Game Music FTP as well.

The reasons why I'm doing this is so my site gets more known for a few specific reasons, instead as a place where a little of everything is. This way the whole purpose of the site will be more well known.

I realize that some stuff that people have worked hard on will be down. I apologize. I would like to keep everything, but the site's just getting too big in the ways of content. All contributions up to this point have been appreciated, and I'm still willing to recieve stuff. Just please ask first to see if it'll end up on the site.

Will anyone like to see more? Any comments/suggestions? Any contributions?

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I really hope that the other game stuff stays, cause I contributed alot of it, and I am sure the other contributers want the stuff to stay as well. Other than that DOOM depot is excellent, from the first wave to the last toon...

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