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Doom 64 TC + doom builder help

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Anyone ever use doom 64 in doom builder? I just now got doom 64 tc. I got the .cfg for doom builder and naturally I crave to make maps and munch maps. >.<

but anyway. I have no idea how to load the maps or anything.

I got it into doom builder fine and all, made a basic room with a start. S'all good. But after I save it i dunno

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k, i went in and did the stuff. Then I tried to run it. A window came up saying no iwad has been specified and it gave me this in the thing that loads it + in a notepad. So I copied it cause I'm lost

"Con_Init: Initializing the console.
SW_Init: Startup message window opened.
Executable: Version 1.1.05 Dec 7 2003 (DGL).
Z_Init: Init zone memory allocation daemon.
32.0 Mb allocated for zone.
DH_ReadStrings: C:\Data\CPHelp.txt not found.
Parsing configuration files.
W_Init: Init WADfiles.
W_AddFile: ERROR: C:\Data\D64data.wad not found!
W_AddFile: ERROR: C:\Data\doom64\doom64_abstin.wad not found!
W_AddFile: ERROR: doom64_abstin.wad not found!
W_InitMultipleFiles: no files found"


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So obviously you pointed it to root C, and you need to point it to X:\Absolution\Bin\

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