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LC-lium: A Parody to Lilium (Flash movie)

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Hello again. I've made this Flash movie called LC-lium (Lizardcommando-lium is the official title). It's a parody to another flash movie called Lilium. Now, before you guys start moaning and thinkin about all the shitty lilium parodies that were on Newgrounds (with an exception to Strongbadium, now that was actually good) I'd like to think of this as a lilium parody, but with a twist. It stars Lizardcommando and the phantom makes him an offer. Then all hell breaks loose after that.

It took me three long months to make it and I had to postpone two weeks to make that halloween flash movie. I was trying to contact the original lilium author, but I'm not having any luck. I wanted to see what he thought of this movie. When he gives me an answer, I'll let you guys know. Anyways, without further ado, here it is:



(And if you get that stupid shit about bandwidth exceeding its limits, just go back in an hour.)

Another thing, if the movie lags alot, set the graphics settings to middle or low settings.

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Why waste hundreds of dollars on two pistols when you're just going to throw them away?

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